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How do you feel about Autumn? Does it fill you with warm memories of previous years? When you think of Autumn do you think of the beautiful shades of orange, brown and green on the leaves as they float to the forest floor? The crackle of a log fire. The dew on the grass in the mornings? Or do you yearn for the long summer nights? Does your body struggle with the Seasonal shift from late summer to Autumn?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) summer is the season of Yang, a time when the body undergoes rigorous metabolic (body energy) processes. It is a time when our bodies are often more energised by the Sun, the longer daylight hours. We tend to need to sleep a little less, and move a little more. Our bodies generally find this season one of great fulfillment.

As we enter Autumn in Traditional Chinese Medicine we are entering the Yin cycle in Nature. Daylight hours begin to drop, and the trees start their own journey of going inwards. 

In TCM autumn has a profound effect on the Lungs and Large Intestine channels of the body. In the northern hemisphere this can be presented by a tendency to catch the common cold, sinusitis, and also an increase in stomach disorders.

Many of us have spent a long summer recharging our energy. Spending a lot of time outside. As the children return to school, and our routines become more structured it is the perfect time to reconnect with the body, mind and soul.

Here are a few of my top tips to really get the most out of Autumn on every level, whilst embracing the slower, more Yin restful time along the way.

  • Eat with the Season. Mother Nature has provided us with local fresh fruit and vegetables to help our bodies adjust to each season. For example in September the hedgerows are brimming with Blackberries, a fruit that in TCM helps our immune systems to fight viruses, and increases our vitamin C levels. Elderberrys are ready to be made into an incredible antiviral syrup. How to Make Elderberry Syrup (Potent Cold + Flu Remedy) (

    Rosehips can be harvested and made into a syrup (see link below)

Not only are rosehips a great source of vitamin C they also contain A, D and E. All these vitamins promote a healthy immune system. They also contain anti-inflammatory benefits that have been shown to help relieve the symptoms of arthritis. I love this because as the winter approaches many people will find their joints begin to ache, and yet again Mother Nature has provided help in the hedgerows.

Vegetables rich in Immune boosting vitamins and minerals such as Kale, Broccoli, Brussel sprouts, Carrots, Celeriac, and Parsnips. Mushrooms for example are a great source of Selenium, an essential trace element needed in the body, especially in the winter months.

  • As the evenings get darker make positive changes to your diet. Eating Soups (adding plenty of the vegetables listed above), comfort food in the shape of Stews, if you eat meat make sure it is the best quality you can buy, adding meat on the bone in stews also increases the nutritional value of the meal, and also the natural flavours. If vegetarian, adding plenty of pulses to give your body the natural energy it needs in autumn to adjust. Avoid adding Ice into drinks, or over consuming cold foods. As this can cause an energy imbalance within the stomach, leading to digestive issues.
  • Keep hydrated. This is vital and often not achieved. Dehydration is totally avoidable. Many people find as soon as they turn the heating on, they suffer with stuffy noses, and headaches. Drinking plenty of room temperature, mineral water, or hot boiled water, adding a slice of unwaxed, organic lemon in the morning time to help flush out the system and wake up the body.
  • Spend at least 30 minutes a day outside in the fresh air. If it’s raining, invest in good quality waterproof clothing and start to enjoy the change of season. Make sure you wear a light covering on your neck if you tend to suffer with neck issues, or headaches. Allow gentle movement, walking is the perfect exercise for autumn.
  • Spend time watching the trees change. Admire the beauty, it’s literally all around us but we rarely allow ourselves the time to stop and stare. Research has found time and time again that reconnecting to nature can massively reduce stress in the physical and emotional body.
  • Get your circadian rhythm back into balance. Many find autumn a hard shift in the mornings. School runs suddenly reappear. Make sure you establish a healthy sleep wake cycle. We tend to crave more sleep in late autumn. Our bodies need that extra time to recharge on a cellular level. It is good to set a consistent sleep time during the week and stick to it. After a few weeks you will generally wake up feeling more refreshed.
  • For those more elderly within our community or family, the autumn and winter months can feel very isolated and lonely. Since Covid 19 hit our shores many of our more vulnerable have been exposed to days with little to no social interaction. It is vital that we reconnect with each other. As the country begins to lessen the social restrictions please make sure you take the time to phone, or meet up with your older friends or family. 
  • Self Care is so important. Making sure you allow time for yourself. Autumn is a wonderful time to get back into reading, or start a new interest such as painting, sewing or writing. Get your creative juices flowing!
  • Try introducing a few minutes of Acupressure each day. If you already meditate make sure you give yourself even 15 minutes a day to sit, focus on your breath, ask your body how it is feeling and relax.
  • The Acupressure point called Kidney 1 (Bubbling Springs), is a brilliant point to do before sleep. Pressing each foot for at least 5 breaths and applying enough pressure to actually feel a sensation in the point, can really bring a sense of peace to the body. Kidney 1 is brilliant for High Blood Pressure, Insomnia, Over Thinking, Night Sweats, and Headaches. I find this is one of the most beneficial acupressure points to support the body as we move from summer to autumn and then flowing into winter. Please see the point location on the picture below.

Try introducing meditation into your daily life.​ Super Powerful Re Connection to Self Meditation. ROOT CHAKRA, AFFIRMATIONS & CRYSTAL SINGING BOWL – YouTube

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