Real-Life Stories Of Transformation, Pure Freedom, and Pain-Free Days

I had many acupuncture sessions with Kate while going through IVF. Not only did I find acupuncture my sanctuary during my difficult journey but also Kate’s gentle way, listening ear and guiding words got me through the hardest time of my life.
Three babies later, I hope I can find the time for a session soon!

S. G.

Hear Clodagh’s Transformation Story

My son started acupuncture with Katie over a year now, he had been diagnosed with autism aged 3 and then diagnosed with an eating disorder, depression and an anxiety disorder at aged 8, we decided to give acupuncture a try as the therapies he had been receiving weren’t helping him to get better .

From the very first session with Katie the improvements in my son have been amazing. Katie made us both feel at ease when we first met, she is a very caring compassionate and understanding person‚ she listened to everything we had to say about my sons diagnosis and told me she could help my son get better, and she was true to her word, since he started acupuncture and working with crystals he is a totally different child, we have no major issues with food anymore and when he’s had 2 little slips Katie’s been there to work with him on them, he now sleeps which has been an issue since he was a baby, his anxiety levels are at 0 for the first time ever, his feelings and outlook on life has improved 100%.

I believe the work and time Katie has put into my son has drastically changed his life and without her help I’m not sure he’d be where he is now.

Hear May’s Transformation Story

I started with Katie when I was 16 struggling to manage pain, for me it was my solution after trying endless other treatments both medical and alternative. 15 years later I am still coming back, with my treatments adapting as I moved on in life, still working on the pain but also trying to get pregnant and then during the pregnancy itself.

She has now gained a new client in the form of my son and he loves his nighttime ritual with his acu-wand and blend of essential oils! Cannot recommend Katie enough and don’t know where I would be now if I hadn’t come across her all those years ago

- Rachel

I have been going to Katie for acupuncture for a good few years now, I have also done the online consultation, and used the YouTube channel, I highly recommend any or all, I suppose the reality is my life has changed so much over the years and Katie has always been there to help me along the way.

I first started acupuncture for back pain and it really helped then over the years Katie treated different area’s and introduced me to new ideas, words really can’t explain how much she has helped me, all I can to anyone thinking about it is to “give it a try and see how it goes,” you will be so pleased you did.

- Margaret

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